CageOne ™ - straightforward and secure technology

Our CageOne ™ technology offers easy and safe technique for optimal lumbar and / or lumbosacral fusion method.


Close cooperation with experienced surgeons ensured in the development of the product a high degree of efficiency and quality of the implant.


The Cage of brand CageOne ™ are made of titanium alloys in implant quality (TiAl6V4 ELI).



Product features:

  • three surgical approaches in a (transforaminal, anterior, lateral)
  • large surface
  • high stability
  • plenty of space for bone and bone substitute material
  • osteoconductive titanium



Surgical Approaches

Our CageOne ™ technology enables surgeons with a product three surgical approaches. This we allow implantations with maximum flexibility.

transforaminal approach
anterior approach
lateral approach



CageOne™ Productinformation